Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Sexy Dilemma


It's a My Sexy Saturday post and it's all for you! This week's theme is A Sexy Dilemma and I've pulled a dilemma from my latest novel, Lost Relic. As a choose your own adventure, this story allows the reader to make choices for our heroin, Lillian. So here's a sexy dilemma for my readers. Which man do you choose?

Lost Relic snippet:
Daniel flashed a sad smile and said, “You’re a beautiful and smart woman. Do you trust Alex not to run off leaving a mess in your hands or do you want to come with me and we’ll make sure this discovery is recorded the right way?”

Lillian could only stare at him. He was asking her to leave Alex, drop him from the expedition and her life. It was an idea so far from left field that it had blindsided her, but somehow she was considering it.

“Well, Lil, what do you think?” Alex asked from behind her. “Do you go off with Daniel or do you want to stay with me?”

“Alex?” Lillian asked, pulling away from Daniel’s hand and turning to keep both men in sight.

Alex wasn’t even really looking at her. He was staring daggers at Daniel and Lillian could see the tense line of his jaw as he ground his teeth together. “He makes a good point, Lillian, and you are smart enough to figure this out. I am interested in the disk, but I’m not planning on running off after I get it.”

“Then what are you going to do with it?” Lillian asked, turning more fully to face him.

Finally looking at her, Alex’s eyes softened. “It’ll be my profit from this expedition. I don’t want a cut of anything else. Just that disk. So, now you know what I’m after. Do you trust me or do you not?”

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed and remember to hop on over to the other blogs for more great reads!

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  1. Ooooo! A juicy love triangle. Definitely a dilemma there!

  2. what is a girl to do....nice excerpt!

    1. Thanks and remember in interactive romance there are always more choices to come.