Friday, March 25, 2016

My Sexy Saturday: Some Sexy Action


It's another My Sexy Saturday post and this weeks theme is Some Sexy Action! I've pulled a little action from my werewolf romance Fox Hunt for your enjoyment. And don't forget to click through the other great blogs below for more steamy action snippets!

Fox Hunt action:

Pressed so close to him, Dilly was amazed at how perfectly they fit together. Mike only had to slightly tilt his head to meet her lips and, if he would move in a little closer, his hips could easily trap her own between him and the tree.

As these thoughts ran through her head, Dilly felt him start to pull away. It sparked a twinge of disappointment as his lips parted from hers. Her eyes fluttered open. He wasn’t wearing his normal smile. Instead, he frowned and asked, “You don’t feel anything?”

About Fox Hunt

Living a nomadic lifestyle, Dilly is accustomed to being on the move, but the Federal Witch Hunters are after more than broken wands. Now they’re hunting for wolf pelts, and Dilly and her family are in their sights. Dilly must choose to charge to her family’s rescue or rely on a man she just met.

Leader of his werewolf bloodline, Mike travels across the country in search of a family traveling through the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Finding his mate in the headstrong Dilly, Mike is faced with the possibility of war with not only the burners but his own mate.

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