Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Children Reading Tips

It's Spring Break and all the kids are home from school! All the parents out there understand the problem. We love our kids, but sometimes school is a blessing. It gives parents time to clean, work and read without having the keep a watchful eye out. I know I'm going to be spending a few days at the lake and more time than usual playing dragon slayer with my little girl, but I also want her to keep reading over this week. I'm sure other moms and dad's feel the same way, so I've put together a few tips that help my family out.

Find stories they love. All kids have a type of story they just really get into. Be it about pirates, dragons or princess it's there just waiting to be gobbled up. Find a few new books that you know your child will love and stock them away for just the right moment.

Getting your child to sit down and read might take more than a good book. So try adding a reading time to the day. During this time you sit down with your book and let them find a comfy spot to read too. Give them a little snack to go with it and just sit back and read.

For me offering my daughter some playtime after reading time really helps. I ask her about her book and see if she wants to play pretend with the story. This encourages her to read the book and use her imagination to figure out how to add herself and me into it. I love it too because I get time with my daughter and have a bit of fun along the way.

Keep books everywhere. If your child is reading age keep the books out of boxes or down from high shelves. Sometimes just seeing the books out will encourage a child to read. For parents with toddlers this might not work. While toddlers should be read to you have to be careful that they don't treat older kids books as playthings. Best to avoid the damage and possible fight between two kids.

Those are my tips and I'd love to hear some more. A child's love for reading is important to encourage, but I've found you need a balance or that love can quickly fade.

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