Saturday, February 20, 2016

Old Friends and New Faces

The last few years have kind of run away with me. Between my wonderful daughter starting school and my career becoming a jumbled mess, I lost track of a few old friends. Back in 2013 I published a short story, The Dealer. It was the beginning of an episodic series of shorts that dove into the supernatural world of West Lakes. I got a total of only four of these stories out before life happened.

For that I hate myself a little. Or maybe a lot, but it happens and I'm sorry to say that while these characters are still rambling on for me I've lost track of time and haven't been able to put pen to paper to tell their stories. That's going to change.

Along with the four already out there I have three more stories ready to be shared. Before I do that, however, I'm going to pull The Dealer, Earth Angel, The Raven's Tale and Ol' Hound and do a bit of polishing. I hope to have The Dealer back out on the Ides of March. So be on the look out!

West Lakes, home of angels, and a town where the unimaginable can be lurking just around the corner. In this hidden town a battle is waged against mankind and those who came before us. Within this town lives one who watches over man, and protects them from ruthless powers that be. This one will meet their end much the same way they lived and in their place another will rise.

The task at hand? The Dealer.

Dealing with the living, judging those who should die: these are the tasks of the Giver of Life and the Dealer of Death. Drawn out by the suffering the Dealer will rampage through the small town of West Lakes, searching for the innocent and damning the guilty, but when the lines of guilt blur can she really be fair?

These stories are written under Jessie White. They are not romance novels, but instead Supernatural / Speculative Fiction / Whatever pops up.

Peace and Love

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