Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Sexy Paranormal Love

Its a My Sexy Saturday! This week's theme is A Sexy Paranormal Love. The little snippet I'm giving all the lovely readers today is from a WIP. It's short but sweet. Enjoy!


Court leaned in close, brushing the tip of his nose across Karlee’s ear. “You’d be surprised by what can happen in a night,” he whispered, his breath sending shivers down her back. Karlee pulled back just enough to look him in the eye. The smirk on his face promised an unspoken desire. “Wanna try?”

“Court, isn’t there a rule or law or something about relations between watchers and their charges?” she asked a bit breathless.

“Not a one. In fact it’s seen as a sign of good fortune when a dreamweaver shows interest in a clan member.” 

That's it for this week. Remeber to hop over to the other great blogs for more reading!

Peace and Love!



  1. Hopefully it doesn't complicate things, but I'm sure it will. Great work! Keep it up!

    1. The complications have only just begun! Thanks for stopping by. :)