Saturday, June 6, 2015

June Round Up

Shader. Tired from kitten sitting.
I'm sure some of the readers have noticed I've missed a few things this month. In fact I looked up an hour ago and it was already June. Things have gotten hectic. My daughter has started summer vacation, I've been trying to kick start my early release marketing for Fire Hunt and our household has a new kitten who is decidedly a very destructive force. So here's the run down for my June catch up plan.

Full Moon Releases - This month we're having a New Moon Releases! The new moon this month is on the 16th. If you just can't wait till then to hear about some awesome new releases head on over to Paranormal Romance... Need I Say More Facebook page. There are always some great new release announcements there.

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop - I try to do one of these every month and they're so much fun. Today's, June 6th, was perfect for my Sc-Fi romance I'm working on and I hate that I missed it. The theme was Our Sexy Galaxy. If you'd like to catch a peek head on over to My Sexy Saturday. It's never to late to click through the link up.

Review - I'm a bit behind on the Reading Challenges this year and to my great dismay I think it will be another week before I can even pick up a new book.

Next month I have signed up to take part in a Paranormal Romance blog hop hosted by Precious Monsters. I hope to see you all there!

Peace and Love!

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