Thursday, July 10, 2014

Writers' Block: Cure #23

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After decades writing and coming up with stories I've had my fair share of battles with this horrid infliction. Staring at the blank computer screen still makes me feel less like a writer and more like a crazy cat lady (even though I only have one cat). I've come up with a number of tricks I try to bring myself out of this funk and today I'm going to share one with you.

It's pretty simple this time. No in depth trick your friends into nudging your muse or take a vacation. Just take a little time to play. Whether it's playing a few games of air hockey, blow bubbles or dancing out in the rain with an arm load of water balloons, just cut loose and play. Laugh till your sides hurt if you want.

Personally I have a few different ways to work this cure. My personal favorite is dancing with my little girl. I turn on some fun music and we dance around like we just don't care. When all that crazy dancing is done I find myself exhausted and more than willing to count that as my exercise for the day, but I am also able to look at my story idea with a fresh pair of eyes.

Writers' block is a stigma that all writers go through at least once and finding a way through that wall may require a big sledge hammer. Every writer has their own cures for overcoming writers' block and what works for one may not work for another, but keep trying and you'll get there.

Peace and love.

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