Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Musing Wolves

Remember this peeping wolf? If you follow my Hunter or Hunted Facebook page I'm sure you might. You may have even seen my Peek a Boo post here. For me this image inspired a big chunk of my soon to be published novel, Fox Hunt.

Fox Hunt was accepted for publication by Cobblestone Press at the end of March and is moving head first into the editing process this month. It is the second book in what I hope will be a three book set centered around a supernatural world that I created originally for Witch Hunt. In this world witches and werewolves are hunted by a Federal Government agency, known as Witch Hunters or the burners. While Witch Hunt dealt with both a witch and a werewolf, Fox Hunt revolves around werewolves and their struggle in the alternate America.

When I saw the picture above my main character, Mike, came to mind and I would often look at the image when I was having issues developing Mike past some catch in his personality. With the upcoming book I'm happy that Mike along with his counterpart, Dilly, will be enjoyed by others.

With any luck I'll have a cover to reveal by late May and a set release date for all of those interested in finding out more about peek a boo wolves.

Happy reading and as always good dreams.

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