Monday, October 14, 2013

Peek a Boo

I've been working on a novel. Well, I've been working on a lot of stories, but for the last half a year one novel has kept my attention more than the others. Another werewolf novel. It is centered around a character from my first novel, Witch Hunt. In this novel I've moved away from the mountains of Montana towards my home turf, the Appalachians. Yeap, I love the mountains and I think most of the stories that come to me for the shifters and witches are most likely to take place in them.

Onward to the story at hand. A romance centered around two werewolves. One is the leader of his bloodline and the other is the daughter in a traveling family. Traveling werewolf families live the way that werewolves lived for years. They travel from area to area, migrating if you will. This would keep them safe and relatively unnoticed by most people. After the Witch Hunters, aka burners, began to hunt down true witches and werewolves most of these families had to change their way of life, but as I learned in this story not all families felt it was the right move.

I won't lie, when I was writing Witch Hunt the character I'm working with now just screamed that he needed his own story. Even then I was developing him into more than a side character. The picture above, I also posted it in Hunter or Hunted Facebook page, was a strong inspiration for his peek a boo appearance in the life of our heroine. Other than mischievous wolf/man, I'm not sure why this picture caught my attention, but it sure did and now I'm riding a run away train towards ... well I guess I'll find out when I get there!

Now, back to the craziness of the day.

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