Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Settling In

Country Drive

 A few months ago my family moved into a new house. I love the drive to the house. Even though we moved into town we have a house set back that still has that country feel. Its great! Trash pickup with privacy.

The move came on suddenly and in the middle of it all I was busy editing and releasing my novel, Witch Hunt. I also had to put off a personal project, West Lakes, to get everything in order. Moving is tough, as I'm sure everyone knows. my real problem is getting back into the swing of things.

I still have a few boxes that are packed up and stuffed away in closets or the corner of my mini library. (aka a tall book shelf next to my bed) I doubt those are going to be unpacked anytime soon. My daughter's room is finally all put together though. She even has her own book shelf now! The rest of the set up and settling in is finished too.

Getting back into the swing of writing is a little hard though. I am even pretty far behind in my CampNaNoWriMo word count. Normally I pour myself into the challenge, but this time I find myself stuck with serious writers block. I've poured over old ideas. Tried taking a few days away from it. I even tried just writing something completely new. It's not working too well. I've also found that West Lakes is suffering. My July release hasn't been coming along at all. I just don't feel the spark yet.

A new house is wonderful. Settling in is fun, but it will disrupt your routine. Because of the move I was unable to plant a garden this year, but I think I may take up a few landscaping projects until the creative flow returns.

Peace and love my few readers and good dreams.

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  1. Congratulations on the move. New houses bring new energy and ideas. Just sit back and let it flow you will be amazed.