Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hump Day Fall Back

Hump Day, the day which falls in the middle of the week, Wednesday. It's a day I dread during the morning, but come evening time I'm content to say the week is half way through. It is also the day during the week that I use to do a mass clearing. The notebooks are pulled out and random word programs are open on my computer. The chaos is rather enjoyable.

I'm a messy writer and the only way I can keep story lines, characters and all the stray scenes together is to write them down. What happens when I write them down? Those papers are stacked in random spots of my work area (aka any clear spot in the house). So every Wednesday I go through my home and collect all of the fiction I can find.

Neat little stacks soon start to appear on the kitchen table. Seeing as how I work on more than a few stories at the same time there are several thick stacks and lots of short stacks. In the end I grab up the stack that involves the story I'm working on at the time and get back to writing.

What happens to the other stacks? True to my chaos loving nature they are redistributed throughout the house as I move them around, reading over the ideas I had. I know next Wednesday I'll pull them back out along with any new thoughts I'd wrote down. 

And now to get the sorting started!

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