Thursday, June 20, 2013

J.R. White’s New Book “Witch Hunt” Released June 15th

On June 15th, the world of the witch and the wolf merged into one with the release of the new book by J.R. White. Witch Hunt is the latest hit book to be released by Cobblestone Press and will debut their newest addition, author J.R. White. Many have been anticipating this release since word began to spread months ago in several social media and online forums. 

Here is what one eager person had to say, “I can't wait. This book really seems like a true hit! Come on June 15th! This even sounds better than Twilight.”

About Witch Hunt
After the bloody murder of her brother, Rei finds herself on the run from the coven that killed him. A powerful Earth witch, Rei searches for a natural well of magic to avenge her brother’s death, even if it costs her life. However, standing between her and her goal is an alluring wolf. 

Aidan never took the time or interest to look for his mate, but when the young witch shows up on pack hunting grounds his solitary life is turned upside down. Now, he must find a way to protect his pack and the woman that fate has handed him.

Witch Hunt is available in eBook format and will be available at: Check in to get a copy of this much-anticipated Paranormal Romance novel.

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