Sunday, February 9, 2020

Full Moon New Releases (Feb 2020)

Time for some new releases! Find your paranormal Valentine and enjoy the last bit of winter!

Fated Hunter by Isabel Mackenzie

Fated Hunter (The Last Hunters) PaperbackSince the beginning in Bellaya, a special breed of male Hunters are destined to protect and save the Magic females. But as the Seekers, a form of magic hunting monsters grows stronger; will it be the females who now have to protect the males?

Alayah lost both of her parents to these Seekers, when she was just a baby. Lack of family and the wiliness to survive, created one hell of a female that could land on her feet. But life has a funny way of changing things, as Alayah finds herself in love with a male that hunts the very thing that took her parents as the Seekers now hunt for her.

She must prove to the macho males that females aren’t willing to hide behind Hunter’s swords any longer, but are meant to fight alongside them. But this could be harder said than done, especially when you are meant to be bonded to the male that is destined to be their king.

Releasing Feb 10th.

Mission: Guardian Angel (Veslor Mates Book 2) by Laurann Dohner

Mission: Guardian Angel (Veslor Mates Book 2) by [Dohner, Laurann]Ever since her friend Vivian mated a Veslor, Abby Thomas has been curious about the mysterious aliens. She also has a vested interest in making sure their newfound relationship with United Earth is a success, prompting her to take a job on a military vessel to ensure the Veslor grouping stationed there are treated fairly. It doesn’t hurt that they’re easy to look at. When one Veslor in particular catches her attention, she hopes he’s nothing like the humans she’s dated, who were only interested in her bank balance and connections.

Drak and his Veslor grouping quietly endured unfair treatment aboard Defcon Red…until a beautiful spitfire spoke up on their behalf, earning herself nemeses among the ship’s fleet. When those foes try to silence Abby, Drak makes it his mission to protect her. The harrowing experience quickly bringing them so close, Drak is determined to make Abby his mate…if her enemies don’t ruin his chance, permanently.

Releasing Feb 11th 

His Fiery Kiss by Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix

His Fiery Kiss: Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance (Real Men of Wildridge Book 1)She’s looking for a story. He’s hunting a criminal. Somehow, she’s become both.

Panther shifter Elissa Malkin lives her life on the straight and narrow, always on the right side of the law, never a step out of line. So how the hell did she end up being a getaway driver for a cat burglar? The best she can hope for is to not get caught. Then her boss assigns her to report on Wildridge Security, the very firm tasked with finding the thief. Crap!

After sitting behind a desk for far too long, Ragan DeFever is finally in the field. So what if he has to babysit a reporter while he investigates a break-in? The delectable curves, flowing black hair, and violet eyes that call to his inner dragon are just a bonus. He can’t wait to solve this case so he can get to know the woman who makes his heart blaze with endless flames.

But all isn’t as it seems, and with Ragan by her side, Elissa is a wanted more ways than one. Now how the hell is she going to get out of this?

Releasing Feb 25th

How to Love Your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks
Image result for HOw to Love Your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks
Raised in isolation on the magic-shrouded Isle of the Moon, five girls became five sisters. Now women, they are ready to claim their places in the world—and perhaps change it forever . . .


Sorcha knew the mission was dangerous. Leaving the safe grounds of her brother’s kingdom and parlaying with the elves across their border . . . well, treachery seemed at least as likely as true peace. But to support her sister, Sorcha would brave far more than the underhanded ways of the elves. Or so she thought, before she was taken hostage.

Of course, her captors didn’t count on her particular abilities—or on the help of the Woodsman, the mysterious thief who made his home in the forest. He saw the battle from the trees, saw the soldier attacking against incredible odds to save a comrade—and then saw the valiant fighter revealed as Princess Sorcha of Norveshka. He can’t tell if he wants to kidnap her or kiss her. But despite Sorcha’s stubbornness, his inconvenient honor, and a rebellion on the cusp of full war, something burns between them that neither can let go . . .

Releasing Feb 25th

That's it for this month's new releases. Hope you find one you love!

Happy Valentine's Day
Peace and Love

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