Wednesday, June 26, 2019

#MRFWHook & MidWeek Teae: Chasing High Noon

2019 Book HooksThe count down is drawing to a close and this week all the lovely readers get a snippet from Chasing High Noon, Book 3 in the Star Crossed Series. Today's post is connecting again with both the Book Hook over at MFRW and the MidWeek Tease blog hop. So, make sure you visit the other great sites and blogs along the way!

We're going down the list of the Star Crossed Series in celebration and preparation for the release of Witching Hour Madness, coming June 30th. If you haven't started the series yet might I suggest starting with book 1, Just Beyond Daybreak.


Chasing High Noon:

“Why don’t you come out and enjoy the coffee on the couch. A few minutes away can’t hurt,” Malcolm offered, reaching out and tickling her spine with his fingertips. 
Even as Meredith wiggled a little under his touch, she let out a huff and said, “Yeah. I lost hours’ worth of work last night because ‘a few minutes away can’t hurt’, remember?”
Leaning over and nuzzling her neck, Malcolm smirked. “I remember and I wouldn’t turn down a repeat.”
“I still have too much to do, Malcolm,” Meredith said with a sigh.
Smoothing his palm over her side, Malcolm glanced over her shoulder. He was careful to ignore the drawings and scribbles as he said, “Enjoy your coffee in the living room. The couch is way more comfortable than the floor.” 
Giving a little shake of her head, Meredith answered, “I’ve got a couch in here.”
The study was like a dark cave holding her captive, but there was no way Malcolm was going to say that. Instead, he pressed a quick kiss against her shoulder and said, “The light's better in there.” Meredith turned and gave him a pointed look. “Innocent coffee. I won’t take you away from all this for more than one cup of coffee, I swear.”
Malcolm stared into her skeptical brown eyes and could feel his heart rate start to pick up. Her plump lips were set in a hard line and yet still looked incredibly kissable. When he saw her sweet mouth turn up into a small smile, he knew he’d won. “One coffee, but then I have to get back to this.”
Nodding, Malcolm was quick to give her an innocent kiss on the cheek and say, “I’ve got to take off after I finish my coffee, anyway.” Even though he hated leaving her, after his coffee was gone he'd have to do just that. The council had requested his presence and that was a summons no witch should ignore.

 That's the snippet for this week. Stop by next week for a peek at Witching Hour Madness. If you just can't wait then follow the info below:

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If you're ready for the newest release it's available HERE for pre-order.

Witching Hour Madness

The Witching Hour is upon them, and Meredith Blackburn finds herself navigating family politics and community gossip. When the doors lock down, so does her magic, and she starts to wonder about the foreboding feeling that has been tickling her neck all night.

With Meredith at his side, Malcolm Blackwood is ready to face the elite magic community he once ran away from. Asked to help track down a missing magical threat, he finds something more frightening than the golden ring in his pocket.

Can they stop an ancient threat? Or will the magic users be consumed?

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  1. Nice way to lure in his prey even when duty calls.

  2. He didn't even have to bewitch her, just offer coffee!