Monday, July 2, 2018

Camp NaNoWriMo: July Round Up

It's time for camp again. This month I'm going rouge and working on three short stories instead of one longer piece. I've tried this once before... kinda, but it didn't work out so much. So, this time I'm focusing on short stories instead of a bigger project. Ready to hear about them?

Of course!

To celebrate the release of The Saving Grace Saga coming to print I've been working on a few short stories to give readers a peek into the world after the end of the trilogy. Last summer I wrote Smoke Hunt and this Fall it'll be released. Hopefully I'll also be releasing two additional stories to go along with it. Blood Hunt and Wild Hunt are currently in the works and just like the original trilogy, these stories will each feature a different couple.

In Smoke Hunt Dilly's sister, Lizzy and a former trail angel, Rodney, come together to save a native tribe of skinwalkers.

With Blood Hunt readers get to meet two new witches and find out how their lives have changed after the Saving Grace Act was abolished.

Finally, in Wild Hunt a lost child comes home to roost. Vera, the estranged granddaughter of the late pack shaman, shows up on pack lands and Cullen gets the job of keeping an eye on her.

The last short story I'm working on this month is a surprise. It's a super short one though. With a word count limit of just 5k, I'm hoping it'll go smoothly and not run away with me.

So that's the round up!
Peace and Love!

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