Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Midweek Tease: Caught by Nightfall

MidWeekTease5 It's time for another Midweek Tease and this week I'm sharing a bit from my upcoming paranormal romance novella, Caught by Nightfall. Set to release this weekend, the story picks up where Just Beyond Daybreak left off. Meredith and Malcolm are new in their relationship and things are starting to get a little rough.

The Tease:

That morning, however, it had only taken Malcolm Blackwood five minutes to convince her to break in and disregard all of that red tape. Holding up the magical orb of light and walking her fingers over the spines of countless books, Meredith chided herself for giving into temptation. To think that a map of the ancient dragon lines would drive her to breaking and entering.

It agitated Meredith now that she was standing in the silent and dark hall. Glancing over at Malcolm, she asked, What the hell are you looking for, anyway?”

Leaving his fingers on the aged spine of a thick book, Malcolm looked back at her through his own magical light and smiled. A set of tracking spells.” 

Stopping, Meredith lifted her hand to her hip and stared at him. Really? All of this for a few tracking spells? You’re already one of the best magical trackers,” she pointed out. Still, that crooked smile and the light that sparked in his crystal blue eyes was enough to put her at ease.

Shrugging, Malcolm turned back to looking over the various labels. These are special.”

His finger sliding down the spine of another leather bound book, Malcolm countered, Why are you looking for a map of the ley lines when you already have them memorized?”

Clamping her mouth shut, Meredith bit her tongue. Malcolm had a point in his own way. The ley lines were a widely-known set of magical pathways. Even he, slacker in his studies that he was, knew most of them. She didn’t really want to share why she wanted to compare the current lines to ancient ones. She’d much rather work on that project on her own. Throwing up her hands, she gave in and said, Okay. Look for whatever you’re after. I’m going to go find that map.”

That's the tease for this week. Stop back by this weekend for the release and remember to hop on over to the other great blogs for more MidWeek Teases!

 Caught by Nightfall

Meredith Blackburn finds herself between a rock and a hard place now that her relationship with Malcolm has led her to magical breaking and entering. Someone is playing around with the rivers of magic that flow over the planet and the oldest library around expects her to figure out who.

All Malcolm Blackwood wanted was a handful of new tracking spells. What he got was an angry lover, a conflicting revelation from his brother and some old kook trying to start a war. Now it’s up to him and Meredith to set things right.

Will they save the day? Or will family get in the way?

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