Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: A Sexy Galaxy

This My Sexy Saturday post revolves around A Sexy Galaxy. Each post should be 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs long.

I've put up a peek at my work in progress, Rip Tide. In this excerpt Phinn has just pulled our heroin from a dead ship. Enjoy!

Rip Tide peek:

Phinn’s eyes went wide. “You’re a bio android.” He quickly snapped the flex screen back over top of her, and scanned over her core temperature readings again. Her temperature was still too low, and it was showing no signs of warming up. Looking down at the woman, Phinn realized that she had started to shiver. Her arms had come up to curl around her torso. “Can you survive being this cold?” he asked hurriedly.

The woman rolled her eyes to look at him. For a long second she just stared at him, like she was trying to rationalize who he was. For that eternity, Phinn stared back, hoping that he portrayed someone who was just trying to help. Finally she gave a small shake of her head, and whispered, “No. Too cold.”

“Okay,” Phinn declared, pushing the flex screen back into the wall. “Crystal, start a steam bath in the shower chamber. We’ve got to the get the lady warm.” Scooping the shivering woman up into his arms once again, Phinn watched her eyes close again. Spinning around, he made his way to the nearest ramp. The gentle jerking of her body with each step made him wonder if she could hear the heavy stomp of his boots on the metal grate.

Rushing into his living quarters, Phinn sat the woman on his disheveled bunk, and begin to tug her grey shirt off. “The steam has started,” Crystal announced, just as Phinn tugged the shirt of the woman’s head.

Reaching for the black boots, Phinn said, “Make sure it isn’t too hot. It’ll send her further into shock.” After dropping the boots on the floor by the shirt, Phinn worked at unsnapping her pistol belt. Just as he started to tug the pants down he stopped and looked up over her body to her face. “Sorry, lady, but you’ll warm up quicker this way.”

In the end Phinn carried her into the shower chamber still dressed in a fitted undershirt and her panties. He sat her down in the corner of the chamber. He stepped back watching as her head rolled down against the wall. With her knees hugged up to her chest she almost looked like a lost child. Only the curve of her chest and hips told him otherwise.

He quickly stepped out of the chamber, sliding the door closed after him. Phinn pressed his forehead against the clouded clear door, and stared at her hazy outline for a moment. Once the steam had filled the small chamber and Phinn could no longer make out her shape he said, “Run her tags, Crystal. I want to know why she was in those cuffs.”

That's the peek for this week. Don't forget to do a little hoping and visit the other great authors!

Peace and Love!

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