Friday, April 10, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Are You Sexy?

Time for another #MySexySaturday post. As you know these posts are 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs snippets from stories and this weeks theme is Are You Sexy? I've chosen a bit from my first published novel, Witch Hunt. In this snippet you see Aidan's reaction the first time he sees Rei.

Once you've read this little snippet make sure to hop on over to some of the other great blogs for more snippets.

Witch hunt Snippet:

When he saw her standing down there with her pale skin glowing in the firelight, he had decided to settle in and watch for a while before interrupting. She was a rare creature of beauty standing boldly in nothing but the gifts nature had given her. She looked like a golden goddess praying to the stars. Staring down from a low-lying ridge, Aidan, in his shape as a large gray wolf, watched her stretch up from her toes all the way to her fingertips. He lay on his stomach, front paws folded under his muzzle. Her short dark hair drifted lazily in the cool breeze. The firelight caught teasing hints of scarlet highlights in her hair, creating a glowing halo around her face. He was just starting to admire her full, perky breasts and lovely flat stomach when a surge of energy shot through his body like a shock.

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That's all for this week my wonderful readers. Peace and Love!

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