Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Works in Progress

As many writers know November is the official Nation Novel Writing Month. I took part in camp NaNoWriMo earlier this year, but was unable to reach my goal of 30k words. In fact I was only able to write around 10k words on my sci-fi romance. :( But we move on and keep at it. This year I won't be participating in the official NaNoWriMo. Why?

I've already started a story. Fire Hunt is already underway and rolling along. I'd hate to set it aside for a month to work on something else and starting NaNoWriMo with Fire Hunt wouldn't seem fair as I already had a head start.

What I am doing instead is setting a goal for myself. Because I do have to work at my "real job" through out this month I can't devote all my time to my fiction, but I am challenging myself to finish Fire Hunt, or at least be in the last chapter, by the end of this year. I'm a little over 30% now so I'm hoping none of the characters give me a hard time with this one. (Stares at Dilly from Fox Hunt)

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo I have installed a word counter on the blog. He looks a bit like this:

Isn't he cute. I found this lovely thing at Writertopia. They have a more traditional word counter too, but I couldn't pass this guy up. He'll also show different moods. I'm hoping he stays in the "writing" mood most often. 

That's it for today. Make sure to come by for the Full Moon Releases!

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