Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Moon Madness

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I've been hard at work revising my latest novel. Revising is a long process for me. Not as long as writing, but it seems that time just drags by while revising. I'm a few chapters away from this last read through, but when I'm not working on this piece another piece is peeking through already, and it seems this crazy new moon is only helping increase my interest in the story.

I love writing paranormal, fantasy and science fiction pieces. I fell in love with the thrill that creating the worlds gives me. Over the last few years paranormal fiction has taken over and I focused on werewolves and witches more than anything. In Witch Hunt Rei is a powerful Earth Witch who runs into a pack of werewolves in Montana. I have a healer in this latest story which is tied to the Witch Hunt world, and a third story idea centered around just the witch culture of the same world.

It may have been the idea of these witches that started to inspire a short story idea for me. A world were werewolves, vampires and other supernatural beasties are not as common in the story line. This story is based around two historically powerful families. Each family passes along their magical power to the next head of the family, and of course the families don't get along so well.

I'm not sure yet where this story is heading but this new moon tonight is pulling me towards starting some sort of outline for the story. If I do get an outline done I'm going to set it aside until I've finished those last few chapters of revision.

Enjoy this Super New Moon!

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