Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Writers' Block: Cure #13

There are a number of reasons why an author could suffer from writers' block. In fact, there may be more reasons than there are cures. Maybe. Over the many years I've found that there are many ways to get the creative juices flowing.

One of the many reasons writers deal with writers' block is stress. Stress can cause a lot of problems. A person's health, personality and performance in life can all be affected by stress. Writers have a lot of things in their career that can cause stress; deadlines, tour schedules, marketing, editing and even technical difficulties. These are just the stressful things that our jobs can cause. Stress can also be brought on from outside influences. No matter where the stress comes from it can cause a creative blockage that every writer must surpass to continue their story.

My answer? Destress. It sounds simple but it isn't always as easy as taking a day off. Relieving stress should be a regular thing to ensure your health and writing stay in good shape. People deal with stress in different ways. I make sure to take at least ten  minutes a day devoted to me. This does not count my writing or housework. This is ten minutes a day of me time. Whether I spend it meditating or pampering myself with a nice cup of tea and a great view I take this time each day to not worry about everything else.

A healthy diet can also play a big part in relieving stress. A well balanced diet gives the body more energy and reduces the aches and pains that come with poor diets. A diet of fast food or frozen diners can lead to heartburn, upset stomachs and a range of other problems. These problems add to the already heavy load of stress we deal with every day. I'm not saying never eat junk food again. That's just crazy, but by balancing out your diet you can relieve some of that stress in the long run.

This cure for writers' block isn't a quick one you should try if you're facing a deadline. This is a long term cure that can work wonders. So for a happier writing life filled with that creative spark remember to take some you time and leave the stress behind.

Peace and love!

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